Drive Cool can offer you a complete driver education in English.

Our traffic teacher, Leif Swahn has been working in international companies for more than 10 years.

Leif have an extensive experience with students from many countries.

He have educated students from Afghanistan, China, Nigeria, Cameroun, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Iran, Iraq, Palestrina, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Denmark, Brazil, Chile, Somalia and many more countries.

We can offer the mandatory RISK 1 and Halkbana education in English.

If you live in Malmö/Lund area, Leif can pick you up at the train station in Kävlinge.

It will take you aprox. 20 min to go from Malmö by train.

Before you chose a school ... talk with the teacher and find out if his/her language skills are fluently.

You can call Leif at 073 18-210 99 for more information. (evenings 1900-2100)

Mail: leif@drivecool.se